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Tell It Truly, for piano (2018)

Kell’s Bells, for carillon (2017)

In a Practice Room, for violin (2016)

Plainflute, for flute (2016)

Austin’s Wind Chimes, for carillon (2015)

The Unstrung Harp, for harp and prepared tape (2015)

Windsong, for carillon (2015)

Window Garden, for carillon (2015)

Music for Intermissions, for tape (2014)

Pianosong, for prepared piano (2014)

Theoretical John, for double bass and tape (2013)

Nightvisions, for electropiano in double equal temperament (2012)



Sonata in Bloom, for flute (doubling bass flute), vibraphone, and double bass (2018)

Quaker Church, for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello (2018)

Song for Sarah, for voice and piano (2017)

Semillas, for bassoon, piano, violin, and viola (2017)

Blockward, for flute, clarinet, viola, and cello (2016)

August Lines, for clarinet and violin (2016)

Sister City, for two sopranos and one mezzo-soprano (2016)

Houston Fragments, for flute, harp, and cello (2016)

Molly and Mason, for piano duet (2015)

Hennasong, for violin, cello, and double bass (2015)

Ramona, for flute, clarinet, violin, and cello (2015)

Collapsing, for voice, flute, guitar, piano, percussion, violin, and double bass (2014)

Afternoon at the Arbitrarium, for trombone, tuning forks, electropiano, and homemade dulcimers (2013)

Postlude, for violin and piano (2012)

String Quartets

Compost Flowers (2018)

Sprout Quartet (2017)

Strings at a Restaurant (2014)

Strings at an Exhibition (2013)


Large Ensemble

Tendrils, for large wind ensemble (2018)

Garden Workday, for Balinese gamelan (2017)

Cotyledons, for orchestra (2016)


Audience Participation

Afternoon at Abuelita’s, for walking audience (2016)



The Tempest, composition and sound design (2018-2019) for Shakespeare’s play, directed by Bruce Turk

La Souriante Madame Beudet, composition and performance (2018-2019) for the film by Germaine Dulac