Desertification (2020)

Desertification is an ecological process which results in the growth of the desert at the expense of healthy soil, and to me is intertwined with poor land management and climate change. 

Abstractly, the piece also explores the feeling of being uprooted and adapting to loss. I love the title of The Unbearable Lightness of Being by Milan Kundera, although I do not love the book itself. However, I often thought of this phrase while writing the music because it expresses both the tenuousness and heaviness of life.

Desertification evokes the arid soundscape of the desert with all its dust and sand. Hazy, brushy, and constantly shifting, the timbral world of this piece seeks beauty even in the loss of fertility.

This piece won 1st Prize in the 2020 Mykytyn Distinguished Composition Award. 

Approximate Duration: 9:00

Instrumentation: two violins, viola, and cello