Music Instruction

keysI began teaching in Georgetown, Texas early in my second year of studies at Southwestern University during 2011. I quickly discovered how rewarding I found it to help others develop their appreciation for music through studying piano.  After graduating from SU I have continued to teach my former students in Georgetown in addition to teaching in Austin. I enjoy working with students of all skill levels, and teach both children and adults currently.

I structure individualized lessons according to each student’s interests while balancing theory, technique, and literature. By placing emphasis on music theory, students are better able to understand and appreciate their music at every level of study. A strong foundation in musical literacy ensures that students are not merely learning by rote, and can retain and apply their knowledge to learning a variety of music.

I  also encourage my students to improvise or write their own songs outside of lessons, and I enjoy helping students to understand the structure behind their inventions. Learning how to play piano should be fun and creative! Students are always welcome to bring in or request music outside of our planned curriculum. Interested students also write listening logs every week exploring different composers, eras, and music from non-Western cultures.


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